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Here are some Freebies: software and special links that will make your 'web' life easier.

Free Online Games
This site offers a good roundup of free online games, ranging from classics to cutting-edge titles. The site offers descriptions for each game, and visitors can rate each title as well. Categories include action, arcade, fighting games, sports, and more.

Have you ever been reluctant to enter your E-mail address in an online form, for fear of being spammed? Sneakemail is a free service lets you create disposable E-mail addresses. These addresses are aliases of your real E-mail address, (which is kept hidden). Using this service, you can ensure that your E-mail won't be abused, bought or sold.

Protect yourself from "spyware" with this handy free utility. (Spyware consists of sneaky software programs that use your Net connection--usually to report data to advertisers--without your approval or knowledge). Ad-aware removes spyware on your PC and scans your memory, registry and hard drive for known spyware components. (For Windows).

At this site, you can easily set up your own blog, powered by the popular Nucleus CMS system. Here, you get full admin panel access to your blog, as well as unmetered bandwidth. You also have over 30 different styles and templates to choose from for your blog.

Da Font
Great free fonts for Mac and Windows

Jokes and Stuff
Are you looking for some laughs? This is an entertaining site that is filled with funny pictures, jokes, comics, humor, and more.

Free Sudoku puzzles
This site offers free Sudoku puzzles that you can either play online or output to your printer. Sudoku is an increasingly popular logic-based puzzle game. The puzzles at this site range from easy to mind-bendingly difficult.

Caricature Zone
Here's a fun free site that lets you easily create custom cartoon caricatures. The site also has a "Warp Java program" that lets you transform your photos into wacky images. There's also a big collection of caricatures of the rich and famous, as well as games and more.

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