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“Burma is in my blood. With this exhibition I want to create a new aesthetic of a traditional Burma” – Artist, Andrea Draper

With Burmese origins, new media artist, Andrea Draper, was born in London and brought up in Australia. Her hybrid racial identity has led her to develop ‘In my Blood’, an exhibition of digital drawings about the people and traditions of Burma. In my Blood’s imagery interweaves the subject of the indigenous people, architecture, language and mythical spirits of this exotic, historical land.

The new media work has been created in Adobe Illustrator and the result is a contemporary aesthetic that merges graphic elements with fine art. “Most of the images are developed from my original pencil drawings, which I then enrich and layer digitally.”

“The political regime in Burma is brutal, but we cannot define a country by a strong negative force – beyond this is a complex tradition of unique beauty. It is this side of Burmese culture that I want to express in my exhibition.”

Thanaka Girl
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© andrea draper